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    Lookin for something interesting o0


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    Lookin for something interesting o0

    Post by Ryy on Sun Mar 06, 2011 10:21 pm

    1. Ryy or Flooz, but thats probably not going to be my IGN
    2.had some friends that i was going to start FW with but half wanted to only PvE and the other Half lost interest and want to go play Rift (didnt care for the game mechanics) so i leave them to their PvE/P2P-ness and see what i cant find for myself. how lonely o0

    3. PST
    4. LoL and FW
    5. LoL is an RTS Team PvP game, my account is 30 and my ELO is like... 1400 something. i would have to log in and look. and i havent had a solid toon on FW since im just muckin around trying to figure out what i want to main. probably Sin and/or Warrior.
    6. Shaiya and Aion
    7. Pvp for sure, but i honestly dont mind PvE i tend to find it more relaxing.
    8. i guess you could say i have a dry sense of humor, and common sense (something hard to find in people now-a-days). i cant spell and can brush stabs at me for it off pretty easily. feel free to tease, i would do it to. other then that, i just do whatever i want. Very Happy

    afro <- this made me lol

    Re: Lookin for something interesting o0

    Post by neonyithar on Thu Mar 24, 2011 7:03 am

    It's interesting you found this guild, since it kinda disbanded.

    If you haven't joined a guild already, you should join Wicked. They're cool. I kinda joined them a while ago.


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