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    Post by Surtic on Sat Oct 02, 2010 8:20 pm

    Just a few basic things I'll need to know when someone applies:

    1. Name (either IGN or forum name. you can add your real name or an alias if you'd like)
    2. Reason for applying (whether you're a new guild member, a prospective member, an ally, or just wanting to hang out)

    *everything below this point is optional for allies and those wanting to just hang out*

    3. Timezone
    4. Game(s) playing (if playing one currently)
    5. level/class of main character in above game(s)
    6. Previous games
    7. Are you more into PvP or PvE (you wouldn't be rejected for being pure PvE, dungeons are a part of games too)
    8. A bit about you (personality mostly)

    (if anyone can think of something to add or would like to design a template for apps, please feel free to comment)

    Application FAQ Sig-21082
    Application FAQ Sig-21316
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